Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Journey Shared

It is always easier, nicer, safer, and more comforting to go on a trip with someone whether that someone is family, friends or your spouse. My journey to Catholicism has only been possible because of the loving support of my wife and a very persistent Holy Spirit.
As I'll eventually detail in Part Two (Sorry about that cliffhanger in Part 1), my wife was soul searching as well. Thankfully, we both decided we wanted to see if Catholicism was right for us. I'm happy to say we are both pleased with the journey and look forward to the weekly RCIA classes as well as Mass.

But this isn't about that story (again that'll be part 2 eventually). This is a very public thank you for my wonder and supportive wife. As we quickly approach what I've termed Anniversary -47, I'm blessed to have found, reconnected and had such a loving giving and faithful partner. Without you as a shining example of faith, and basically the grace of God I'm not so sure I wouldn't have given up on Christianity all together -- or at the very least taken a very long time in the woods. You've been through a lot and if you can still manage to believe in God, and give a schmuck like me chance at happiness, then I have a lot to learn from you both.

Thank you Michelle. Thank you for giving that stupid kid that broke up with you on Valentines Day in high school a second chance, and what should have never been anything beyond the first. I wish I could give you half of what you've given to me. Thank you for being the partner that happily ever afters are made of.