Friday, November 9, 2012

Epic Fail

Well my heated exchange with the Pastor went well. My arguments were not refuted and the Pastor was immediately forced on a series of personal attacks. Yay? So now I feel awful.

Just like I've mentioned before, I used to bat for the other team and was exceedingly good at crushing the Faith and belief of others. Really good. Not only was a Baptist zealot, the fear and power was intoxicating. That's why when I was given the opportunity to defend my burgeoning Catholic Faith I did not look before leaping. I attacked.

So none of my arguments were refuted with any zeal and thus from a strict debate perspective I won handily. My spoils? I made an angry and bitter Baptist Pastor more so  I've made the chasm between his Catholic family and himself deeper. Like I said. I win. Yippie.

Back in high school and into college I swore to myself and God and if this was the way He wanted me to defend and fight for him he seriously needed to find someone else. The guilt I have for all those souls I managed to hurt at the least, turn away totally from God at the most -- are they worth me standing there victorious? No. No they aren't. Now I'm witness to the Pastor discussing the need to defriend his sister on Facebook. Well done.

Almighty God, You have listened patiently to my concerns and consoled me in times of hardship. Let me remember Your presence and love for me when I am called upon to forgive another person for an unkind word or action. You have shown me how to act, what to say, what to do, and yet I sometimes react in anger and find it difficult to forgive others as You so often have forgiven me. Grant that I may recognize this failing in myself and remember Your words and example whenever I have need of a forgiving spirit. Amen