Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My initial thoughts on Pope Francis

I still think of myself outside of the Catechumen. Technically, I am since my annulment isn't final but is continuing to progress. I'm sure you'll hear more of this later.

Courtesy Guardian UK
I did want to give my thoughts of our new Holy Father Francis. Genuine. I seriously believe that this man not only believes but more importantly LIVES the Faith or more directly practices what he preaches. It's nice to see Peggy Noonan has similar thoughts in her article as well.

I want to believe so voraciously that Our Holy Father is a man of the people. He does seem to be genuine and doesn't care who get's snubbed as his absence from a recent concert seems to indicate.

That said I'm a newly converted Catholic. Not only have I brought with me a litany of incorrect, misunderstood, and just plain wrong dogma, but I've also brought a cynical nature that simply won't let me believe even when my heart tells me otherwise. My wife was nearly in tears when Pope Francis was elected. I know as a new Catholic I have a ton of expectations from this Holy Father. I needed him to be exactly what he seems to be so far -- an actual Vicar of Christ.

I'm hopeful, prayerful, and beginning to become optimistic that Pope Francis is exactly the right man, at the right time for me and the world at large. I'm a very lucky newbie Catholic.