Monday, July 8, 2013

My Uncle was like Roger

Recently, a famous critic and extremely smart man, Robert Ebert passed. For whatever the reason, he reminded me physically and mentally of my late Uncle Allen.

The two of them, seemed always to have their intelligence dwarfed only because they had difficulty vocalizing it for the rest of us. It wasn't until I read an old article from 2009, that I realized just how similar that they were. What will you leave to display your faith?

It's a sad commentary that religion and religious peoples have become synonymous with "backward thinking". To be stalwart in your faith and practice, to be opinionated means to be something that was left a long time ago. To be backward is to believe in something that has rules. To believe in something greater than this; than us.

It seems that this world had everything wrong. If you believe that life is sacred and life exists from the MOMENT of conception, you're a hater. Worse, if you are male you're also a neanderthal throwback. If you truly believe that there is sin, and that there are rules set forth from our Creator, we'll you're a relic.

We are taught in our society that the "now" the "enlightened" is to shrug The Church. To accept religion as long as it is at arms length. Or worse, you pick and choose your dogma like you would food for your plate at Golden Coral. Love the sinner but now the sin. Sure, but what if the sinner is willingly allowing for wholesale genocide, allowing for any number of sins to be committed because "the idea/sin just isn't up to the times."

There are seriously times that I'm at awe of those would be Christians. A visceral anger that burns me at the core. It's only through His teachings that I realize that through their hypocrisy, through their short comings I see the flaws in myself. Use those shortcomings as a catalyst to look at your own life and ask for insight into things you do not like with the Church or faith in general. That way, the next time someone asks you what you believe you don't have to attach a disclaimer. A disclaimer that essentially separates you from that perfect peace.