Thursday, July 18, 2013


Recently my family and I took a trip to Omaha for my company's summer family party. It was a simple couple hour drive from Kansas City, to the hotel. All the way, at least while the kids stayed awake, we played banana. It's a nice little game where you look for yellow cars, and after seeing one, elbow the person beside you as you say Banana! At least until the sibling whining starts.

It's similar to slug-bug but not as common and there are other rules (no penske trucks, etc.). After the weekend trip I was so trained for looking for yellow vehicles that I kept on looking. Just this time without the pain of someone (read: wife) elbowing me.

Then it dawned on me. There was a much better thing to do when it's just me calling out Banana! like a fruit fetish Turrets patient.

I was driving to a client, when on the radio, Father Vincent Serpa mentioned that we simply don't talk to God enough and thank him. At nearly that same time, I saw a little yellow Chevy cavalier. It dawned on me that this would be my reminder. Now, when I'm driving my car and see a Banana, I take that moment to thank God for a gift take a quick pause to thank, or otherwise just take a few seconds to humble myself. It may seem a little crass or silly but in today's world with everything taking time away from family much less spiritual matters, this is my simple way of thanking the Father for the various gifts and grace that he's given me.

Next time you see a yellow car, take that moment to thank Him. It's a great reminder that worked for me.