Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cheering Your Favorite Team -- An Observation

At Mass last weekend I was not really aware of what I was wearing but apparently others were. It was very interesting to see the faces of those that actually noticed.
So as I've mentioned I'm a new Catholic. Saturday past, my wife, baby and I go to Mass. Well, actually we got there an hour early so we could enjoy another sacrament as well -- Reconciliation. Which, allow me to AGAIN, step up on my newly minted soap box, WHY AREN'T CATHOLICS clamoring to get themselves and others to this? Really?

You sure that's a "SATIN" shirt?
Okay I'm done. So subconsciously (I suppose) I actually decided to wear my Catholic Original T-Shirt. I didn't think it was bad or would cause the kind of looks that I got. Honestly, since I had a black bowling shirt over it AND the only thing that I planned on doing was going to Mass I didn't see the harm. I mean, why not root for your favorite team. Seems not everyone thinks that way.

I do want to mention that when I go to Mass my family and I are there before it starts and until the music stops. We don't believe that Mass is Fast Food. That strays a bit from the point. So there I was wearing my shirt that proudly proclaims that I'm Catholic. The looks I got were almost a distain. It was a bit worrying at first but eventually I started to giggle a bit to myself. Here we are, presumably all Catholics and I'm wearing my shirt TO MASS and I'm getting the looks. Sad.

I'm not one to dress down at Mass certainly, but my Batman shirt got less attention. Why can't I proudly proclaim and evanglize without actually saying a work? I'll likely do it again here before long. I mean why not. I want to cheer for my favorite team.