Friday, October 18, 2013

Question 1 -- Vote Yes for "Independent Minded" Catholics

Podcast --

I sure wish I could find the response by a group that supports the measure. But before I get into that let's explain a little of the background. The county where I reside is deciding on a sales tax to fund medical research. 50% of the proceeds would be given to Children's Mercy Hospital, the remaining 50% would be divided between St. Lukes, and UMKC (20% each) and the remaining would go to an educational slush-fund (which I'm sure will be well managed; insert sarcasm here).

As a conservative I take immediate issue with government funding research. I, like the Diocese here in KC, am concerned that the research will leverage or utilize embryonic cell research. Thus making Jackson County a mecca of death -- more so I suppose than it already is.

Believe it or not that's not even what has me up in arms. What's really chapped my hide is the response tag at the end of story (sadly missing from the audio link). There was a response from the proponents of Question 1 that hoped that "independent minded Catholics would decide for themselves". Not refuting that there could be research on viable humans or even abortive tissues, just that it hoped that there were independent minded Catholics. I presume that could be applied in a broader sense to Independent Minded Christians. Sadly, I was once one of them. More a menu Christian; I'll take that Commandment, that understanding, hold that one and I'll just pretend those couple don't exist. Is that really what we are called to do? Can we really except the cross then to complain about how it drags or how heavy it is. We need to understand that those that are asking us to be independent of our moral compass are really inviting us to damnation.

It is sad that there are organizations out there that can identify and flat out appeal to those of us that are week or even that want to more progressive as it were. It was frightening to me listening to the radio on the way to work and hearing the call for Independent Minded Catholics. The only thing that I heard was "here, take a bite of the fruit..."