Thursday, October 24, 2013

Old is New -- Venerable Bishop Sheen

BpSheen.pngSo, as a newvert I'm just starting to dive into the vast pieces of understanding and information that sadly, many fellow Catholics take for granted.

As a person who grew up in the Southern Baptist tradition I was very familiar with the famous Evangelical ministers -- Falwell, Baker, etc. Unfortunately, I wasn't even aware of the Catholic ones much less Bishop Sheen who, by all accounts came first in a televangilist sort of post.

As I continue my Catholic journey I'm rabid to ingest as much information as I can find. Unfortunately, with my schedule reading is at a premium. Thus I've switched gears. I listen to the local Catholic radio (which had helped me coming home to the Catholic Church). It was after one such program that I found the mp3 files of Bishop Sheen where I could listen in total. Wow, what speaker.

I'm learning and trying to absorb all the information like a sponge. There's so much, even in the small half-hour increments. Truly an engaging orator.

I'd encourage anyone who is interested in the Catholic Church, questioning faith in general, or simply wanting to learn about the Christian faith. There is so much to learn from Bishop Sheen. I can definately say that the more I've learned, the less I realize I know about the Christian faith (much less my Roman Catholic one). It is a sad state I find myself in, but I'm getting there.

I leave you with a bit, from a recording I was listening to this morning. The very famous "The Hound of Heaven" poem by Francis Thompson. We've all fled those loving footfalls, it takes a faith to turn around. Your cross may have overwhelmed you. You may be one that never accepted it in the first place. I ask and pray that you take another look. Forget the why, embrace your faith and He will help you back.