Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DEBUNKING - Catholics don't, aren't allowed, or are generally discouraged from reading the bible.

A good friend of mine was talking about things he had learned from his history professor including that Catholics aren't allowed or encouraged to read the Bible. Nothing could be further from the truth. That said, I understand the confusion. It is sad but Catholics as a whole seem to have given up on "owning" the very tome they helped create. Even though Catholics are far from Sola Scriptura, having a parish that is woefully unread with regards to the Sacred Scriptures is sad to say the least. Not only that, but when you're Catholic you get MORE TO READ (e.g. Apocryphal books)!

I digress. One of the most significant things that I noticed when I became Catholic was the readings. Three, whole passages read from the Bible. Often two at least really interconnected; you don't need a powerpoint to get the connection. Of course, it doesn't take a skilled Priest long to mesh them all. That said, it was immediately refreshing to have a pastor NOT cherry pick passages to reach a specific conclusion; jumping around so badly that you had to be taking at least a piece or two out of context. It has always been a stumbling block of my early faith that if I looked hard enough, long enough I could justify almost anything. That has certainly gotten me into more trouble both spiritually and otherwise than had there NOT been a bible. Sadly, based on my personal spiritual journey I'm certain a great deal many protestant churches are very much in that vein.

As a recent convert to Catholicism, I can tell you that scripture is key. Heck, the very first thing we were given in RCIA is not only a packet of material that will be covered, but also a BIBLE. Course, I went out and got a Catholic study bible. I felt that I needed to be serious about my Catholic education, and with a house full of young children I had to become that lead of the household on all things Catholic -- and quickly. I had to become an overnight expert on traditions that were not only alien but all at once, ours!

Suffice it to say, that Catholics seem to have given the Sacred Scriptures to the protestant evangelicals. Being the religion that, with the help of the Holy Spirit, helped compile the book that all Christians use. To say that Catholics don't read, or aren't allowed to read the bible is false. And if you are a Catholic that has been neglecting their reading, I encourage you to get back in. So my protestant brothers and sisters with a grin, the next time you bible bash remember that the Catholic has one too. Hopefully, as those coming to the Catholic church continues to increase we can get a couple more of us evangelicals in here to help spread the Word!

God Bless.