Tuesday, September 24, 2013


As Bishop Fulton Sheen once wrote “Pain, agony, disappointments, injustices-all these can be poured into a heavenly treasury from which the anemic, sinful, confused, ignorant souls may draw unto the healing of their wings.” We can use the suffering for good of others. Just takes a little work.

As I've said numerous times, I come from a Baptist tradition where sin RESULTED in pain, agony, etc. The Father of Lies was the reason these things happened and you should have let him in. Nonsense I realize but it's much easier to blame, than to take suffering and make it something positive.

It's hard and painful to accept a bad thing -- someone lying to you, talking behind your back, treating you like dirt. Take that suffering and offer it as a personal sacrifice; your own cross. Today alone, I have two people that nearly hit my car (I LOOOOOVE commuting), I took that anger that vitriol, that fear and anger and offered it to my Lord. 

The next time that you have a bad day, person, place or thing. Offer it as a personal sacrifice for His glory. Your personal cross as a gift for another soul in need.