Friday, March 15, 2013

Can We Be This Devoted To Him

If you have any empathy at all this story will rip your heart out. It's about a dog that attends Mass. Waiting for its "human" to return from the funeral — her funeral.

As the story is reported, the dog in question was lost, found by the owner and taken care of until the owner passed away. The dog now comes to Mass — presumably to find the caregiver that loved them.

So is our relationship with our Lord. We seem to be so overcome with the trappings of life and the things we "have" to do that we seem to forget the ones we love. That is until they aren't around. Then we lament their passing, and as the years go by we "get by". Thankfully as Christians we have the promise of being reunited once again. Have we perhaps forgotten the death of our Lord Jesus Christ?

Back to the story. This dog "knows" that seeking the owner in the last place they were found is the likeliest course of action. We however, with a much better understanding of things realize that this will never be the case — and that is the sad and hard truth. So are we like the dog? I only wish. If we had half this much devotion to our Heavenly Father who we lost but can find every time we attend Mass why then can't we be a little less like spoiled children? As Catholics, or truly as any Christian, we are asked to attend communal worship at least once a week. Truly this should be the highlight of the week, not the feet dragging, sigh-fest it turns into (if you have kids you can add whining and fussing to the list as well).

I feel hollow when I'm unable to fulfill this simply obligation. Truly my family and I are very lucky to be (soon) members of a Parish that I really look forward to spending time with any chance I can for as long as I can. I have great sadness for those that look at Mass or any activity with the Parish as an obstacle or simply counting the minutes till they are done.  I tend to look at it simply as Tommy the dog does -- I seek my Master and hope for at least a little love from the grace He's given me and those that see me every week longing. Take a minute to evaluate how you see Mass and how you treat it and your Parish family.

God Bless.