Monday, February 4, 2013

The Rosary -- Creating a Family Event

So we've been getting the family used to Catholic traditions, customs, and everything else. My step-son, my wife and I have been exposed to Protestant traditions and the like. My step-daughters on the other hand are seemingly new to the entire thing. Then we threw in praying the Rosary together. 
For my non-Catholic friends the rosary is that odd looking necklace that Catholics seemingly always have in their hands or are buried with them (in their hands). You may also "know" that it has the "chants" that are sometimes assigned (in the movies) as penance from the priest ("Hail Mary's" and "Our Fathers"). These misconceptions are all wrong but I'm trying to take people from what they think they know to the truth.

Any way, we took the evening, where I hooked the computer up to the TV in the family room and loaded the website. Keeping in mind that we had only done it in private -- and likely only my wife and I had ever done it before. The kids were really excited and it was a uniquely Catholic and family experience.

It was a really neat things to participate in the Rosary. Sure, we are newbie Catholics all, and my 10 year-old stepdaughter lost her excitement about halfway through. But my youngest and eldest stood true and tried to memorize the prayers. It was the neatest thing to see and feel the Holy Spirit in my family room.

It was an really neat experience and look forward to another evening of praying and celebrating in this uniquely Catholic way.