Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lenten Season

Today is my double witching day so to speak. Not only am I fasting for Lent, but I'm also fasting in cooperation with my commitment. Today, is going to be a very long day indeed. And it's worth every bit.

This morning I started fasting for Lent. It just so happens that I also started fasting for a commitment that I made for I'll let the URL speak for what the e5men stands for. I decided this season to take it a bit further.

I wanted an opportunity to sacrifice for my family and my God and by virtue of wrapping in Lent and the season I was struck with an idea. It just so happens I have four wonder women in my life -- one for each Wednesday of a given month. Couple that with the occasional fifth to account for my step-daughter I see every once in a while and it seemed like a really good idea. I'd fast every Wed. for each of them only partaking of bread and water.

Certainly not going to lie. This is already starting to suck. I'm a heavy coffee drinker and I'm really good at piecing throughout a day. Fasting on bread and water alone is going to be a huge task and sacrifice for me. I still liked the idea. It was simple in planning, could be a lifestyle change that is manageable AND it was a nice way of honoring the women most close to me right now. Certainly, I have a mom, sister, grandmothers, etc. I think given the level of sacrifice we can include them in as well. I just thought it was ironic how the number of Wednesdays in the month just so happened to line up with the number of lady's in the house. I love all the women in my life and would do anything to ensure their happiness and well-being.

I pray that you decide to make a life change rather than a fad change this Lenten season. Perhaps that extra $8 coffee would be better served donating to a food pantry or other charity? Take the opportunity this season to make a change that serves both your spirit, your family, your community, and your God. Sacrifice, true sacrifice is hard and should be. Make it and the reward will be great.

God bless.