Thursday, February 14, 2013


Everyone has them. What's the best method to rid them and live better?

Certainly Satan is always there, always wanting to get between you and a perfect relationship with Jesus. Recently, he's been slacking with me. Well, not slacking so much as me stepping up my game. You can too and it is really easy.

PRAY. Yep, that's the biggest weapon in your corner. It's really simple and you can do it ALL DAY. Not just during lunch. Not just sitting on a toilet. You can do it in a matter of seconds. God want to hear from you, as any parent does. He wants to hear that you are happy, sad, need him, are mad. He doesn't care. A loving relationship requires talking and talking a lot.

As a Catholic candidate I find myself now more than ever in a near constant state of prayer. I am constantly doing the sign of the cross and thinking "thanks" or "help". The beauty of it? I know he's there and listening and the more I do it the better I feel all day. 

Yesterday started my weekly fasting. Every Wednesday. It was hard. Not nearly as easy as I thought. I was constantly tempted to give in and give up or at the very least cheat....just a little. I was literally hours away from anyone that would have known. I could have sneaked away and had something other than my bread and water. I didn't give in. All throughout the day I fought against the hunger and discomfort. It was eye opening and an amazing thing. Really. The fasting was an amazing experience and as hard as it was, I actually look forward to it for next week. People will likely think me crazy in the modern age but during the Ash Wednesday Mass I felt extremely close to God. That an a little light headed. ;)

I can tell you this. Satan HATED my fasting. Period. Hated it. He tried every trick, every thing to keep me from doing so. He failed. Not only was it a triumph for my dedication to the women in my life, my own self control, but it was a win for me and my relationship with God. I was really having a rough go towards the end of the 24hrs. It was all worth it and I believe that I have taken a huge leap closer to my God and his teachings. I even gave my suffering up this morning to God (having not eaten all day I had one heck of a headache waking this morning).

I hope your Lent is as spectacular as mine. I hope that God continues to bless me so I can document those here and pass on the Grace that I'm enjoying. He loves us, and wants all of us close to him. You need only take a step, even a hesitant one.