Tuesday, January 15, 2013


The good Lord enjoys taking us out of our comfort zone and test us. Not really test so much as allow us to shine and take stock of things. Thus was my predicament when I was lulled into a conversation about my conversion from Southern Baptist to Catholicism.
You never see the one that gets you and to say that I was prepared for a conversation on faith while on site with a client would be an understatement. I wasn't just unprepared, I think I may have even failed. That weighs on me the most.

In my early Christian days, I was exceedingly good at using my Faith as a weapon. Something I recently caught myself doing. That said when I'm not Bible thumping I suppose it doesn't click as well. So was my situation today.

The owner of the company I have the privilege of working for is a devout Catholic and exceedingly good man. One of the sales guys at the company he's been encouraging to come to Mass was who called. Well today, our conversation went from the clients I'm working on right into "why I'm converting". Sadly, I didn't seen the train coming right at me until it hit.

Not even my own family has asked me that question.  To be honest I was past the question and hadn't revisited it at all since my wife and I decided to convert. So "Why?" I guess for me it was multifaceted.

First when I started questioning my faith I went back to the beginning. Past the partisan crap. Simply back to whatever I could find on the early church. It's there that I found more in common with my fire or gut feeling than I was receiving in Sunday school or church.

Delving more I found myself at odds with why Protestants originally broke. It seemed to be necessary at the time but the tenants and beliefs and everything else I was getting my hands on were pointing in an entirely different direction. So I started listening to the local Catholic radio station, and reading. It was on an occasion that I came across an interview that cemented what I was going through (Baptist minister becomes a priest). That sealed the deal.

In a nutshell that was the story I tried to detail in the 20 minutes that I had. I've been that guy looking forms church home, looking for answers. I only pray that I did a good enough job witnessing for my newly renewed faith that I can lead my coworker to Christ.

Pray for me. Pray for him.