Wednesday, January 23, 2013

If he can't get you to sin, he'll get you to doubt or fear

Philippians 4:6, 13 CPDV
"Be anxious about nothing. But in all things, with prayer and supplication, with acts of thanksgiving, let your petitions be made known to God. Everything is possible in him who has strengthened me."

 Seems pretty easy and straight forward. With our faith we should be on earth without fear and doubt and when we do we simply lift it up to God and through him everything is possible. So why do we still have those fears and doubts?
If there was a single hard thing that I've struggled with since my earliest acceptance of Christ as my savior it has been fear and doubt. Fear is by far the easiest thing to explain -- fear of being a lost grain of sand. Why should we not fear? Well beyond being told time and time again in writing (bible) you can't live that way. It will literally slowly kill you worse, it will lead to a gulf that YOU BUILD between yourself and the Lord. Heck my favorite psalm (23rd) proclaims it as well as throughout Isaiah. Thankfully, that's not the way the way Satan hits me. No, that's though fears twin -- Doubt.

Doubt is the silent killer. It stalks just out of view, and kills by inches. It slowly builds until you find that there is a wall. A wall built with bricks of doubts and mortared with fear. That's my personal weakness. Usually it starts out of the blue. Something happens at home, or work. Concerning either the wife, the kids, job, bills or something. Just little. But like a spark it builds and eats me alive until I'm consumed with doubt -- that one thing being my focus and taking my time away from the Lord. A doubt that extends to people, and relationships is the worst and ANY can extend that far if you let it.

It's hard to "give it up" to God. I've been struggling for years over the demons I am constantly dealing with. Worse is that I know they exist, I know that if I would trust and have no fear that God would make things right (I'm still waiting on a couple of well placed lightning bolts but that's another story). It's my own sin of doubt that keeps these demons from being completely exorcised and keeps be separated from God.

I'm sure you have similar instances or things that just won't go away; things that you perpetuate. Perhaps yours aren't worries but the demons or drug abuse, alcohol, porn, adultery (thought or deed) or violence (thought or deed). Maybe you don't even believe that it's a problem and have made deals with those demons. Friends, never give in. Push that sin as far away as you can. Make others aware, seek help. Your demons may have power over you, but that same sin or demon likely can't affect the help of another. Having a partner who helps you fight those demons is the only way to win.

We are all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. If we can help, if we can come to the aid of our extended Christian family there is nothing to be afraid of. Then you not only have the power and love of the Lord with you but a helpful arm around you of a family member. The entire family to support you.

You need no longer fear.